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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Resolve not to take every single opportunity you get.

Resolve not to take every single opportunity you get.SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
There are tons of choices in life, some are very basic, from what you will have for breakfast, to more important choices like who you’ll marry or what company you will work for. All the choices we make, will impact our lives in one way or another- because let’s face it, if you decide to have yogurt for breakfast, you’re keeping some someone in work in some dairy company. A point to note, Americans stopped buying toys (which may seem like a totally insignificant thing to some) and factories in China closed down- putting thousands of people out of work and out of food and unable to afford the basis necessities of life. Yes, every choice you make counts, especially the choices you don’t have to make.

I won’t bore you with the stats on how many ads the average person is bombarded with everyday, but I will point out that in the same way you don’t automatically buy everything that’s advertised to you- you shouldn’t take every single opportunity you are offered- even if it’s on a silver platter. Most people these days barely have time to live life, between work, church, social gatherings, sports, children’s events and lots of other thing- YET, they find themselves buying into chances to put more on their plate. More activities, more schemes, more policies to buy, more active roles in the lives of friends and family members… BASICALLY it all amounts to MORE! MORE! MORE! AND MORE- MORE!

Are you like that? Have you found yourself unable to resist adding more to your plate? Buying more, giving more, taking more- wanting more- it never comes to an end. There are endless things that can fill your life- but your capacity to handle MORE will some day come to an end and where will you be? A place filled with bits and pieces of everything, without anything solid to hold up for all the stress and anxiety that adding more to your life brings.

Even if it is a really good idea- hold back for a moment and THINK about it and you might see that- just like drinking out of the different bottles in the inspiring picture for the day- it might do you any good.

Resolve not to take every opportunity you get. Trust me, it will save you a lot of trouble in the future.

N.C Ronia

Special thanks to Scott Liddell for letting me use his photograph. Click on his name to go to the www.sxc.hu profile, where you can browse his photo gallery. And to go to his website click HERE.


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