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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Resolve to fight animal abuse today

Resolve to fight animal abuse todaySocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

When I began writing this blog entry- I didn't know quite what to say- because I couldn't quite express the anger I feel about this issue. I am an animal lover and I am a dog lover. And I remember my grandmother once thinking I was nuts because I said I would never marry anyone who didn't like dogs. A home without a big ball of fur trampling over you and treating you like a rock star when you get home- simply isn't a home (in my opinion.) And the fact that some people actually abuse animals just makes me sick! Sick to the pit of my stomach and I am ashamed to say that I have let an animal in need down because I was too afraid to step out and do something about it. Because everyone said that it was none of my business and that I shouldn't ruin the relationship our family had with the family that was letting their sickly puppy grow weak and die instead of taking it to the SPCA or to the vet. All it needed was some love- but they didn't want it- if they had- they would have tried and it could have been saved. I gave them as much advice as I could so that they could try and save "Alex" but they didn't want to and finally he died and I cried.

Cried because it had all been so senseless.

Cried because I'd been too afraid to stand up.

Cried for Alex because he would have been a great dog- the sort that loyally defended the family.

Cried because the poor thing was brave to the very end.

What can you do?
-Donate money to the SPCA. Just google "SPCA" and the name of your area, on their website there should be a place for you to support and donate some money.
-If you want to go the extra mile, you can donate old blankets or rags, or toys your own pet doesn't need to your nearest SPCA.
-Show a little extra love to the pet you have right now. Sometimes we get so busy we don't have time to play with our own pets, or give them a good hug and roll around with them. Do it and do it now.

Resolve to fight animal abuse today. Trust me, you will feel like a much better person at the end of the day.


N.C Ronia.

Special thanks to Mary-Anne v d Byl for making her photograph available for use. Click on her name to go to the profile on www.scx.hu

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