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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Resolve not to make anyone feel like a fool 2day.

Resolve not to make anyone feel like a fool 2day.SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, so I have heard. I don't believe that- maybe it's because I spent a lot of my verbal life with a sarcastic sword in my mouth. Yes, I have to sadly confess that I have not always been as considerate with the flow of words coming from my mouth as I am now. It took me a while to realize that nasty sarcasm can tear people down. It didn't matter to me that everyone (even myself) sometimes asks silly questions and that I didn't have to respond with a smart answer and make someone else feel like a total fool.

If you are a sarcastic person, I'm not saying that you have to quit being who you are, because I have strong sarcastic trait in my own personality. BUT what is important is to carefully measure what you do with your sarcasm, sometimes it can be funny and everyone can laugh it off, other times it can be hurtful to someone else. So, while I personally understand that it may not be initially easy to hold back that quick tongue, every time you speak, THINK about what you're about to say and who you are about to say it to and ask yourself these questions;

1. Will it hurt the feels of the person I am saying it to?
2. Will it embarrass the person I'm responding to?
3. Is it really necessary? Will it help in anyway?
4. Will it make me look like a fool or a nasty person?

Based on those answers you can respond. If you do not get your sarcasm under control you could run the risk of alienating yourself, people don't usually want to hang out with people that say mean things and people are reluctant to confide in people that spew out unnecessary verbal sewage. Watch that mouth.

Resolve not to make anyone feel like a fool 2day. Trust me, you'll feel like a better person at the end of the day.

NC Ronia

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