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Monday, May 18, 2009

Resolve to put things in order today.

Resolve to put things in order today.SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
Unless you went to a super strict boarding school or where in the military- like most people you’re bound to be predisposed to having some mess in your life. Be it a messy room, desk, drawer- whatever, wherever- we all make messes and sometimes we leave them there, not because we’re pigs, but because we might be too lazy or busy to clean it up. BUT at some point, even the laziest or busiest person has to put things in order!

I recently found out that I am of a sanguine-choleric temperament, having more sanguine than choleric. This explained a lot, especially why my living space is often disorganized- or like I prefer to put it- an organized mess. It may look like a wreck to someone else, but I know exactly where everything is, though I have to admit, putting things in order would take a whole lot of frustration out of finding something that isn’t in the organized pile of mess it’s supposed to be in.

So I can tell you from experience that not everyone is predisposed to being tidy- but I think everyone should take the time to tidy things up, why? For a variety of reasons;

- You’ll find a whole lot of stuff that you thought was gone for good and it was simply in some pile of mess.
- You’ll feel a whole lot less guilty without a big pile of mess accusing you of being a lazy good for nothing.
- It will make living with you more comfortable for other people, and please don’t email me back and say that you shouldn’t have to change yourself for someone else- sometimes you do! Out of respect!
- You’ll feel a great sense of achievement and it might spur you on tackle bigger messes.
- You can promise yourself a reward for all your hard work and there’s nothing quite like a hard earned reward.
- You might get more work done in a tidier environment than a messy one.

I could go on and on forever- okay, that’s not true- cleaning messes is dull and boring and apart from the above reasons I honestly can’t think of any other reasons for getting your stuff in order, apart from the fact that IT HAS TO BE DONE!!! So;

Resolve to get things in order 2day. Trust me, you will feel like a better person at the end of the day.

N.C Ronia

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