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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Resolve to tell someone how you feel 2day

Resolve to tell someone how you feel 2daySocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
If you're hurt- talk about it, don't keep it to yourself. We live in a world were everyone is hurting, everyone is scarred in one way or the other. And we live in a world that looks down on weakness and anything associated with it.

We've all been groomed to compete with superman especially on the inside. But this sadly has robbed us of the dignity of seeking out help, somehow telling someone you have a bullet in your heart is shameful. And to maintain the standard of being unshakeable we develop ways of coping that can make the situation worse, like denial and secrecy.

Denial, I think is the most deadly of coping mechanisms. Telling yourself that you don’t have a problem will NOT make it go away, but it can grow worse while you're ignoring it- until it becomes uncontrollable.

Secrecy. How many times have we heard stunned relatives and friends of a suicide victim say "we had no idea he felt that way," or "we are shocked- it's just unbelievable." There are many reasons people keep secrets, maybe they think they can handle their problems or they are ashamed of their problems. Either way, things don't usually end well.

Don't keep what you're going through to yourself. Tell someone you know can be trusted and someone you love… someone who won't judge you or throw stones at you for what you're going through.

Resolve2day to tell someone how you feel. Trust me, you’ll feel like a much better person at the end of this day.

N.C Ronia

Special thanks to Luciano Tirabassi for letting me use his photograph.
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