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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I resolve to let go of what's holding me back today.

I resolve to let go of what's holding me back today.SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
Gosh it feels good to be free! I recently let go of a dead horse relationship that I had been holding onto for over three years and boy do I feel good!!! One of my favorite motivational speakers and preachers often says "If the horse has been dead 10 years- it's time to dismount!!!" And she is right! How often do we hold of things that are holding us back from something better?

We hold onto things for different reasons, maybe we hold onto them because they are comfortable and familiar and even though we know that letting go of them will take us to a higher level, we still seem reluctant to let go. It could be a relationship like it was for me- or rather should I say "feelings" about a certain person, or it could be a job, it could be a way of living life, a habit, a tradition that you instinctively know is holding you back, it's not adding anything more to your life and in fact it seems to be sapping what little good is left in whatever situation it is.

LET GO!!! Because the truth is- until you let go, you won't be able to move on to whatever else is in your future- whatever better things is out there… it's sort of like how in "The Matrix" Neo had to let go of his preconceived notions of speed and gravity to take the first "jump." And NO the point of this example isn't to tell you that you'll fall flat on your face if let go of something. We all have to let go of things at some point, usually because we've outgrown that stage in our lives and if we don't let go- then how will we ever go further? Imagine if you were still clinging to your first grade teacher up to this day? Or that best friend you had in the fourth grade or your first boyfriend or girlfriend, or your first minimum wage job? Or whatever!!! You wouldn't grow.

Sadly a whole lot of people don't grow, because they are too afraid to let go! They cling to lousy situations and sadly sometimes lousy and often abusive people. Whatever reason you have for holding on, be it fear, laziness or just complacency- over come them today.

Sit down for a moment and think of what you need to let go of and let go of it.

BUT!!! This is not an excuse for you to just give up on hard things because they are hard. The point is for you to get rid of things and people that are toxic!!! If it's not toxic and you're just looking for a way out because of laziness- Don't do it- you'll regret it!

Resolve to let go of what's holding you back today, trust me, you will feel like a better person at the end of the day.

N.C Ronia

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