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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Making each day count

Making each day countSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
We all make resolutions during the New Year's- we convince ourselves that this time we’ll become all we want to be. While that's great, we often take on too much and fail,then feel frustrated with ourselves for not reaching the goals we had in mind for ourselves. THE GOOD NEWS IS a new year can start whenever you want it to- EVEN TODAY and a year from now you will look back and think "A year ago I wasn’t the person I am today

Your New Year can start today!!!

And with that in mind, this blog is challenging you to RESOLVE-TODAY, to reach for some of the goals that you may have let fall away as the year progressed, not in big ways, but in small ways that can help you improve the person you are. Get a grip of your Relationship, Health, Finances and Spirituality TODAY.

The journey of a thousand miles is begun with one step- small as it may be- but as long as it's in the right direction, it's worth it. And I guarantee you that if you follow each step I tweet everyday- you will feel like a better person than you were when you woke up.

N.C Ronia
Twitter: Resolve2day


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