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Friday, May 1, 2009

Resolve to fight against disablism 2day.

Resolve to fight against disablism 2day.SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
What is the measure of a person? What if I told you that you could be measured and valued by the society you live in on scales that have nothing to do with your own choosing. That you could be judged based on things which are totally out of your control and that society could decide whether you were valuable or not, simply because fate, chance or the unfortunate circumstances of life have made you different from most people. What if I told you that some people might look down on you and make fun of you. When you need a hand up, people would feel sorry for you and want to give you a hand down. That sometimes people may be afraid to even look you in the eye because of what they would see and how they would make you feel. How would you feel if I told you that in some parts of the world you might be an outcast- just because you're different? Not that you're any less, you're just different.

I guess if I told you this you would feel angry, hurt and want to fight it- fight this threat to your self-value, to your self-esteem, to your basic right to be respected for who you are. You'd rally your friends together, write letters to politicians and appear on Oprah. You'd do this simply because- surely in a free and civilized society like ours- such intolerance would certainly not be tolerated and yet- how many of us, are actually out there protesting against disablism?

DISABL-ISM is the discrimination against people that are disabled.

How many of us, take the time to do something to forward the cause of disabled people? It’s not just about blogging or marching through streets- what about the simple things? What about just being kind to a disabled person by, helping them cross the road, holding the door open for them, carrying their shopping bags or just looking them in the eye and smiling at them. Offering a kind word. Treating them the way you would treat anyone else. And you wouldn't do this because you feel sorry for them- while empathy is a good thing- pity stinks!

How about finding it in your heart to help the next disabled person you see? Just making up your mind to help them live the best life they can. It doesn't require you to go around looking for disabled people to help (though that would be a great thing to do) it just means that the next time you do encounter them- you try to do something for them and ask if they need help in that moment. What will you lose? Five minutes? What's five minutes- when in those few minutes you can help someone believe in people again- in the goodness in the hearts of man?

When I was in high school I used to visit a local hospital and play with some of the orphans there. One of them was a deaf little boy- when I arrived he would just light up and even though he couldn’t hear what I said, we would just draw and scribble and play and have a good time. He was just like any other little boy- just different- but he loved sugar just like every other kid, he was naughty just like every other kid and he needed love just like any other kid. Being deaf didn't make him less, it just made him different.

Resolve to champion the cause of those who aren't less than you or I, simply different- BUT NO LESS 2day.

N.C Ronia

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